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Desert Monks Story

At Celtic Morning Prayer yesterday we had this story - love it!
'Once Abbot Antony was conversing with some brethren, and a hunter who was after game in the wilderness came upon them. He saw Abbot Antony and the brothers enjoying themselves, and disapproved. Abbot Antony said: 'Put a an arrow in your bow and shoot it.'
This he did.
'Now shoot another,' said the Elder. 'And another, and another.'
Then the hunter said: 'If I bend my bow all the time it will break.'
Abbot Antony replied: 'So it is also in the work of God. If we push ourselves beyond measure, the brethren will soon collapse. It is right therefore, from time to time, to relax.' Celtic Daily Prayer

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Let nothing disturb thee..

Let nothing disturb thee,
nothing affright thee;
all things are passing,
God never changeth!
Patient endurance attaineth to all things;
who God possesseth
in nothing is wanting;
alone God sufficeth. (from Celtic Daily Prayer Midday Prayer)

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Christmas break...

I'm taking a break for Christmas. But if you're looking for a late gift, why not buy ethical clothing? The Freedom Clothing Project, a not-for-profit co-operative works with
suppliers in Beit Jala in the occupied West Bank producing what are thought to be the first t-shirts in the country with a ‘Made in the West Bank and Gaza’ label. Freedom Clothing Project

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Back from a thin place...

In truth, I found it hard to relax on this trip - what have I learned from that? I think maybe it's about living a lifestyle of peace and sensible relaxation at home and not saving up all those expectations for a time away - I'm determined to experiment with ways of living a more balanced life now at home. Is that something we all struggle with? The BBC TV programme:

showed that the monastic lifestyle was dramatically able to meet the needs of contemporary people - there were lasting lifestyle and faith changes. Here are five tips for Meditation from Worth Abbey - to help you find a place of sanctuary in the day.

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the beauty of colour

There's something about the beauty of the colours and the feel of the woven cord on prayer cords - a friend has just asked me to make her one in Irish Spring - a mix of green colours. Having something to hold and use that's a thing of beauty itself, is inspiring - like nature.


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Depression and Mental Health

I wonder if anyone has any experience of this type of prayer helping them with mental health issues or depression? Maybe meditation helps deal with root causes rather than symptoms like anti-depressants, although I'm not denying medication may be helpful for a time.
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Using the beads - giving names to God

I find the Prayer Cord comforting. It's a physical reminder of my close relationship with God every day, so I keep it with me all the time. I use it to pray for my friends or any big issues. When I'm really stressed I use the beads and just give people's names to God - and if they've a very big problem then they get lots of beads! I believe God drops people's names into my head. In my moments of greatest stress it was the only thing that gave me any peace. CAROLE

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