Jesus Prayer Spirituality

How to use a knotted prayer cord with the Jesus Prayer

Just the prayer...

pray the Jesus Prayer on each knot:
Lord Jesus Christ,
Son of God,
have mercy on me

Pray for other people

pray for someone or a concern on each set of knots; for example the first set of knots could be your family, the next could be friends etc.

Centering prayer

choose a word that means something to you - ask the Spirit of Jesus to guide you, then receive the word or phrase: Lord, Jesus, Yeshua, Abba, Father, Mother …

To begin...

+ get comfortable, close your eyes, and silently say the word or Jesus Prayer remembering that God is with you

+ after a while, you may just want to hold the Prayer Cord and quietly listen, or just lovingly be with Jesus in silence

The Jesus Prayer:

'Lord Jesus Christ,
Son of God,
have mercy on me'